2-Hour Wedding Special

Why is Wedding photography so dang expensive?

I know you have shopped around and seen that Wedding Photography packages in Los Angeles typically begin at $1000 for several hours coverage and delivery of 200 or more photos.  Trust me, at those prices, wedding photography is still a bargain when you think about all the related factors. After the cake has been cut, all of the food has been eaten, the DJ has moved on to the next event, and all of participants have gone their separate ways, the only thing that remains from the special day are the wedding photos.

Typically, the photographer showing up for the wedding is just a small fraction of all the work involved. After the event, there is the post-processing.  Depending on the amount of photos taken, this process could take much longer than the actual wedding itself.  From basic color correction to intensive skin retouching, post-processing is a labor and cost intensive.

Wedding Photography packages starting at $150o and up.  Wha